Every day. Every Day. And then it ends up being tomorrow.

I look for particular days to reboot my life and start getting in shape — the first of the month, or a holiday, something that will make a great story when the weight is gone and I’m telling everyone how it happened. Every time, I swear this will be the time I stick with it. I ask Lorenzen whether he has the same heart-to-hearts with himself.

"Every day. Every day," he says. "And then it ends up being tomorrow."

~ Tommy Tomlinson, You Can’t Quit Cold Turkey

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This is your brain on silence

“Silence, Please” has proven to be the most popular theme in Finland’s rebranding, and one of the most popular pages on VisitFinland.com. Maybe silence sells because, so often, we treat it as a tangible thing—something easily broken, like porcelain or crystal, and something delicate and valuable. Vikman remembers a time when she experienced the rarity of nearly complete silence. Standing in the Finnish wilderness, she strained her ears to pick out the faintest sounds of animals or wind. “It’s strange,” she says, “the way you change. You have all the power—you can break the silence with even with the smallest sounds. And then you don’t want to do it. You try to be as quiet as you can be.

~ Daniel A. Gross, This is Your Brain on Silence